We are pleased to announce that as of Sunday 5th July, St George’s Cathedral is now open for public Mass. The times of Masses will not be the same as usual so please always refer to this page before travelling.

It is important to reaffirm that, at present, the obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains suspended.

The Bishops’ Conference has issued guidelines which are drawn from the extensive government guidelines issued this week. This means that Mass will be shorter than usual and things will be done a little differently, and outlined in the weekly Newsletter. 

The numbers who are able to attend Mass will be restricted by the need for social distancing. Please follow the requests of the stewards at all times.

These measures have been taken because we know that minimising time in contact with others reduces the risk of transmitting Covid19.

Confessions will now take place in the cathedral at advertised times and will take place in either the Lady Chapel or Martyr’s Chapel. The confessionals will not be in use.

From the 8 August 2020, face masks or coverings (covering the mouth and nose) must be worn at St George's Cathedral.


NHS Track and Trace

The government has introduced a new NHS COVID-19 mobile app to help with Test and Trace, which allows you to register your details through scanning an NHS QR code. 

The cathedral’s QR code is displayed on notices in various places around the building for you to use each time you visit us.  These details are securely held for 21 days and then deleted - full details about the app are available at: covid19.nhs.uk

You may however continue to use the paper based system to register your details, a slip is available in the cathedral or you can download and print (PDF). It will be kept securely for 21 days and then destroyed.  One slip needs to be completed for each visit by every individual or household group. 

Registering details is not compulsory for places of worship but everyone is encouraged to register their details in order to help society beat this life-threatening virus. 


Mass & Confession times from Sunday 5th July 2020


10am Mass
Cathedral opens at 9.30am. The Cathedral closes after Mass for cleaning.

12noon Mass      
Cathedral opens at 11.30am. The Cathedral closes after Mass for cleaning.

2pm Spanish Mass
Cathedral opens at 1.30pm. The Cathedral closes after Mass for cleaning.

6pm Mass
Cathedral opens at 5.30pm. The Cathedral closes after Mass for cleaning.


7.30am Mass (Monday and Friday only)
Cathedral opens at 7.15am and closes immediately after Mass.

12.30pm Mass    
Confessions from 11.45am – 12.15pm (In the Lady Chapel). Cathedral closes immediately after Mass.


9.30am Mass   
Confessions from 10am – 11am (In the Lady Chapel). Cathedral closes at 11am

At the present time the cathedral will only be open for Mass & Confessions. 



We will gradually increase the number of Masses and have the cathedral open for personal prayer but in order to meet current guidelines we need a number of volunteers to assist as stewards when the cathedral is open. 

If you are  a parishioner and would like to volunteer to give some time to be a steward please contact us: info@stgeorges.org.uk  


Other information

Hand sanitiser will be available to use when you arrive and when you leave. The seating has been changed to enable social distancing so please only sit in allocated places. People from the same household may sit together.

Because of the necessary seating changes, the cathedral capacity has been drastically reduced and we can now only accommodate 185 people at any one time. Should that limit be reached you will be asked to wait outside until a space becomes available.

Please respect two metre social distancing at all times and follow the requests of the stewards and the signage.

We regret that toilet facilities will not be available.