Christus surrexit – Christ is risen! The Cathedral clergy and staff wish you and yours every blessing this Easter season, as we rejoice in the good news of Our Lord’s triumph over sin and death. Surrexit Dominus vere – the Lord is risen indeed!

Easter Offering
The collections taken at the principal Easter liturgies constitute your personal gift to the clergy of the Cathedral – together with the Christmas offering, this constitutes the main part of their annual income. Thank you for your generosity; dedicated envelopes and the tap’n’pay machines also provide opportunities to contribute.

Our Easter Duty
One of the five precepts of the Church which as Catholics we are bound to observe is that, properly disposed, we should receive Holy Communion at least once a year during the Easter season (ordinarily Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday). Please note that from Easter Monday onwards confessions are being heard according to our usual timetable.

Friday in the Octave of Easter
Because it constitutes a Solemnity, on the Friday of the Octave of Easter the faithful are dispensed from the requirement to abstain from meat.