The government has introduced a new NHS COVID-19 mobile app to help with Test and Trace, which allows you to register your details through scanning an NHS QR code.

The new NHS COVID-19 mobile app is available to download now. The cathedral’s QR code is displayed on notices in various places around the building for you to use each time you visit us.  These details are securely held for 21 days and then deleted - full details about the app are available at:

You may however continue to use the paper based system to register your details, a slip is available in the cathedral or you can download and print (PDF). It will be kept securely for 21 days and then destroyed.  One slip needs to be completed for each visit by every individual or household group. 

Registering details is not compulsory for places of worship but everyone is encouraged to register their details in order to help society beat this life-threatening virus.