This Easter's Paschal Candle painted by Giovanna Finaldi

The central image is of Christ the Pantocrator, in view of this being the ‘Year of the Word.’ The design is traditionally Coptic, with enlarged head and eyes. Christ is dressed traditionally in red and white - signs of his Passion, Victory and Resurrection. The other colours, including turquoise, are not so traditional but hopefully are striking and visible.

At the top of the candle there is of course the Cross, marked with the year, and at the bottom the letters Alpha and Omega, reminding us of the words of the Victorious Christ in the book of Revelation, “I am the Alpha and the Omega” – the First and the Last. There is a smaller cross inside the larger one which, when I painted it, reminded me of a hospital cross and although it wasn’t in my original design, I decided to leave it there as a reflection of the current crisis and a reminder that Christ risen is the greatest healer of all.