A Musical Meditation concert given by Colla Voce Singers

An evening recital of choral Renaissance favourites given by the acclaimed Colla Voce Singers, featuring highlights by Byrd, Tallis and Parsons, at 7pm on Saturday 8 February 2020, in St George's Cathedral, Southwark 

This concert will be free of charge.

Full programme details:

Deum Hosanna to the Son of David – Thomas Weelkes (1576–1623)  
Ave Maria – Robert Parsons (c1535–1572)  
Ave Verum Coprus – William Byrd (c1543–1623)  
When David Heard – Thomas Tomkins (1572–1656)  
O Nata Lux – Thomas Tallis (c1505–1585)  
O Quam Gloriosum – Tomás Luis de Victoria (1548–1611)  
When David Heard – Thomas Weelkes (1576–1623)  
Salvator Mundi – Thomas Tallis (c1505–1585)  
If ye love me – Thomas Tallis (c1505–1585)  
Dum Transisset – John Taverner (c1490–1545)

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