A Reflection for Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord, by Fr Louie Kitt:

Your life on Ash Wednesday was very different from from your life on Palm Sunday. Here at the Cathedral, we certainly miss all of you as all of us begin to celebrate Holy Week in a very different way.

Perhaps, dare I say, that we will share in Jesus’ passion in a deeper way this year, where the pain, drama and loneliness of the Christ’s journey seems seems to be ours too.

There’s a lovely book written by an Eastern Orthodox priest called ‘His life is mine’. Just the title of the book is enough to explain the theme.

In baptism, we share the same life as Jesus. It was never a promise of an easy life but share in His life, the suffering servant.

A crucifixion was designed to inflict the maximum pain, humiliation and shame. It was a display of Roman power of the people, Gods chosen people.

Jesus essentially destroyed death through saying yes to His Father, mopping up sin and evil as he went through this greatest of ordeals.

As we enter this week, we can say His life is mine, my sufferings and concerns are His.

As you feel the absence of the Church ceremonies this week, know that you can unite yourself to the God who died for you and still feels your pain or worries. That desire to be near Him in Church is the nearness itself for you enter this Holy Week. Give Him all your worries and may you know He carries your Cross with you.