We are already nearly halfway through the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity which takes place each year from 18 to 25 January. This special week provides an opportunity to focus our prayers on Christian Unity, as well as speak about and experience Christian Unity personally and as Cathedral parish.

It also allows us to engage with what happens locally with other churches and at a national level. 

This Sunday our choristers, led by Jonathan Schranz, have been invited to sing Evensong at Southwark Anglican Cathedral with their own choristers at 3pm.  Canon Michael has been invited to preach. Please join us for this important act of worship to respond to Christ’s prayer that we may all be oneThis year’s theme for Unity Week is ‘You shall love the Lord your God…and your neighbour as yourself’ (Lk 10:27). To find out more, please go to cte.org.uk.